Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Eye doc may lose license after calling patient fat"

Odd News:

"Eye doc may lose license after calling patient fat"

(UPI) -- A 77-year-old North Carolina eye doctor is in hot water with the state Medical Board after a patient said he called her fat.

The patient wrote in a private complaint to the board that Dr. Earl Sunderhaus of Ashville called her irresponsible because she was unemployed and using Medicaid while pregnant with her second child in as many years, The (Raleigh, N.C.) News & Observer reported.

The woman said she was further angered when Sunderhaus poked her in the thigh and called her fat.

"When I got home I was very upset about the way I was treated by him," she wrote in the complaint.

Sunderhaus said he was making a point with the woman about how obesity can lead to diabetes, which causes blindness. He said he expects to get "screwed" by the board but he will accept any punishment from the board, even if it means losing his license.

"I'm 77," he said. "I can tell them to stick the darn thing."

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