Friday, February 5, 2010

"Canadian serial jailbreaker nabbed again"

Odd News:

"Canadian serial jailbreaker nabbed again"

(UPI) -- A Canadian career criminal who claims to be the most-escaped prison inmate is back behind bars after his latest break, police in British Columbia said.

L. Wayne Carlson, 67, went missing Jan. 25 from Victoria, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police issued a statement describing him as violent and dangerous, The (Vancouver) Province reported Thursday.

Earlier this week, an RCMP officer on routine patrol in Chilliwack, 50 miles east of Vancouver, spotted a vehicle matching the description of what Carlson was likely driving and stopped it.

Carlson was arrested without incident, police said.

In 2001, he wrote a memoir of his prison antics called "Breakfast with the Devil: The Story of a Professional Jailbreaker."

The jacket of the book alludes to Carlson's criminal career that began in 1960.

"From Saskatchewan to Vermont, Carlson broke out of jail 13 times, making him the most-escaped prisoner in modern North American history," the jacket says.

His various convictions have included bank robberies, frauds, car theft, weapons offenses and property crimes, report said.

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