Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Internet hoax bedevils Ohio man"

Odd News:

"Internet hoax bedevils Ohio man"

(UPI) -- A local official in Ohio was the target of an Internet hoax that sent a string of strangers to his house to cart away his belongings, authorities say.

Riverside City Councilman Mike Denning and his wife were stunned to see trucks and trailers arrive Jan. 29, driven by people responding to an online ad, the Dayton (Ohio) Daily News reported Wednesday.

The anonymous posting listed Denning's address and said the couple were leaving the country and giving away their things, the newspaper said.

Police say they will ask a judge for a subpoena to serve on craigslist to reveal who placed the ad.

"Hopefully that will help us identify the poster," Riverside Police Chief Mark Reiss said, adding the person could face misdemeanor menacing or stalking charges.

Craigslist said the Web site would cooperate.

"Use of craigslist for criminal purposes inevitably leads to apprehension and prosecution," spokeswoman Susan Best said. "An electronic trail to the perpetrator is created, and craigslist actively cooperates with law enforcement."

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