Monday, December 7, 2009

"Alleged U.K. Chicken-Licker Due in Court"

Odd News:

"Alleged U.K. Chicken-Licker Due in Court"

A former grocery store worker is facing charges of criminal damage over cell phone video allegedly showed him licking raw chickens before placing them back on shelves in England, according to the BBC.

The brief BBC report says Adeel Ayub, 30, is also accused of slashing co-workers coats and smashing eggs in his bizarre workplace transgressions.

He is due in court on Dec. 15.

The BBC did not say what punishment Ayub could face if convicted of the fowl crimes, nor did the report suggest any possible motive. One more detail missing from the story: whether Ayub was allegedly licking packaged or unpackaged poultry.

Ayub worked for the Asda supermarket chain when a co-worker shot the alleged video evidence in 2005, which was then handed over to police.

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