Monday, December 21, 2009

"Groom to wear monitoring bracelet to wed"

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"Groom to wear monitoring bracelet to wed"

(UPI) -- Authorities in Montana said a groom will have to walk down the aisle with a monitoring bracelet due to allegations of misconduct at his bachelor party.

Missoula police said Jordan B. Iddings, 24, will have to wear the bracelet as a condition of his release from jail while awaiting trial on charges of assault on a peace officer, a felony, and misdemeanor counts of sexual assault, disorderly conduct and assault, The Missoulian (Missoula) reported Thursday.

Iddings and five other men participating in his bachelor party were arrested Nov. 19. Iddings allegedly groped a woman at a bar and punched her in the face when she slapped him. The men moved to another bar, where they were refused service for fighting with bartenders, and police approached them while they were shouting profanities outside of the business, investigators allege.

Iddings allegedly head-butted an officer during his arrest.

Lance Lovell, Iddings' attorney, said his client has been granted permission to travel to Alaska next month to work on a fishing boat until his April trial. However, he will have to wear the monitoring bracelet at all times during his release and submit to random drug and alcohol tests.

Ryan Schnabl, a co-defendant in the case, was barred from contact with Iddings, but was granted permission to attend his wedding, which is scheduled for Saturday.

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