Thursday, December 3, 2009

"Weapon surgically removed from prisoner"

Odd News:

"Weapon surgically removed from prisoner"

(UPI) -- Authorities in California said a prisoner was taken to a hospital emergency room to remove a concealed weapon he had hidden in his rectum.

Merced County Sheriff's Deputies said the five-inch plastic "shank" had been concealed in the rectum of Rance Johnson for more than three weeks before it began causing the prisoner enough discomfort to confess its presence to correctional officers, KMPH-TV, Phoenix, reported Wednesday.

Johnson told deputies he found the item, which had to be removed surgically, in an interview room and put it inside his rectum to sneak it back to his cell.

Johnson, who was arrested Sept. 28 in connection with a shooting on the Castle Air Force Base, will now be charged with carrying a concealed weapon inside the jail with gang enhancements.

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