Friday, December 4, 2009

"Ohio police say man tried to take their candy bars"

Odd News:
"Ohio police say man tried to take their candy bars"

(ap)-Talk about sticky fingers: Police arrested a man they say tried to take their candy bars. Police in the southwest Ohio city of Middletown, around 30 miles north of Cincinnati, charge that Derek Kidd, 32, tried to walk out of the station with two candy bars and a police toboggan cap. Police Maj. Mark Hoffman said Kidd and his girlfriend had just been released Wednesday after disorderly conduct arrests and were asking passers-by to use a cell phone. He invited them inside to use a police phone.

While the woman was on the phone, Hoffman said, he chased Kidd out of a detectives' break room.

As they left, Hoffman said, another officer spotted his blue knit "MPD" logo cap under Kidd's cap. Police said during a pat down, they found two of their Whatchamacallit brand candy bars and two used syringes Kidd had taken from a disposal container.

Kidd was being held on charges of theft and possession of drug abuse instruments pending a court appearance Friday. No attorney was listed and city jail staffers wouldn't allow him to come to the phone for comment.

His friend, Sunni Morgan, 23, was arrested later Wednesday, Hoffman said. She was being held on charges of impersonating a police officer and criminal trespass after allegedly trying to get use of a city resident's phone by claiming to be a police officer.

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