Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Carnival rejects 'cougar' cruise"

Odd News:

"Carnival rejects 'cougar' cruise"

(UPI) -- A singles group specializing in amorous encounters for older women and younger men said Miami's Carnival Cruise Lines rejected a requested event.

Rich Gosse, executive producer of and chairman of The Society of Single Professionals, said the group's travel agent,, was told by the cruise line that the group's previous "cougars and cubs" cruise would be its last with Carnival, The Miami Herald reported Tuesday.

"We have decided not to have any future groups on our ships booked on this theme," Carnival spokeswoman Jennifer de la Cruz said.

De la Cruz said "there were not any particular issues on board" during the December cruise, but "we simply made the business decision not to have future groups book on this theme."

Stewart Chiron of Miami, chief executive of, said Carnival likely rejected the cougar cruise to maintain its family-friendly image.

"Carnival has distanced itself from being Spring Break USA," Chiron said.

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