Monday, January 18, 2010

"Woman leaves cats a home, trust fund"

Odd News:

"Woman leaves cats a home, trust fund"

(UPI) -- A 77-year-old woman in Auburndale, Mass., left her cats a $300,000 trust fund and a home to live in due to concerns for the felines' welfare, an attorney says.

Attorney George Kickham, who was responsible for ensuring Muriel Bayne's four cats stayed at home, said he attempted to talk Bayne out of creating such a large financial trust for her pets before her death, The Boston Globe said Sunday.

"It is kind of bizarre, quite frankly,'' Kickham said. "We tried to talk this woman out of it.''

The last of the four cats died in 2008 and the two-bedroom home occupied by the felines for seven years was eventually sold to a medical student.

While Kickham questioned Bayne's estate bestowal decision, Massachusetts Humane Society President Joanne G. Mainiero applauded the late senior's dedication to her pets.

"The cats were at least taken care of without being euthanized or dumped somewhere,'' Mainiero told the Globe. "It's great they could enjoy the rest of their lives.''

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