Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Company relies on sales parties for men"

Odd News:

"Company relies on sales parties for men"

(UPI) -- A Minneapolis company is taking the female tradition of sales parties in a new, male-oriented direction with back yard barbecue events.

Man Cave Worldwide is a start-up outfit specializing in barbecue equipment sales through representatives at parties -- just like Tupperware or Mary Kay cosmetics only with male-targeted products, including a $25 spatula large enough to flip four burgers at once, a $55 branding iron for putting the chef's initials into steak and a $30 set of rollers for cooking bratwurst.

John Schaffran, a San Jose, Calif., sales representative for Man Cave, said there are a few tricks to a successful sales party with men, including premiums for large purchases and the ever-important free beer, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Friday.

"Free beer is something that will always get a crowd of guys together," Schaffran said.

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