Thursday, January 21, 2010

"Students demand beer pipeline"

Odd News:

"Students demand beer pipeline"

(UPI) -- Students from Sweden's Chalmers University marched on a Falkenberg brewery to protest the decades-long lack of progress on a beer pipeline to the student union.

The students said Tuesday's occupation of the Carlsberg Brewery was part of an only partially-serious tradition stretching back to 1959, when the student union purchased a single share in the company that owned the brewery until 2000, The Local reported Wednesday.

The students pushed for a 62-mile long beer pipeline to provide the beverage to the union headquarters, but construction halted in 1968, after only 6 1/2 feet of the pipe was put in place.

Workers at the brewery welcomed Tuesday's march, which included several members of student performing arts groups. Officials agreed to meet with the students and the occupation ended with an announcement from Carlsberg spokesman Goran Orre.

"We've listened and accepted their demand. We'll soon start construction on one meter (3.2 feet) of pipeline," he said.

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